Precision Machining

Our skilled and experienced machinists execute tolerances of +/-.0002.  Our high- performance machinery, advanced metrology tools, and WIP inspection process ensure high yields of quality products.

Mechanical Assembly

As part of our comprehensive manufacturing service, our team offers in- house mechanical assembly ranging from single-unit to high-volume production.  Our assembly process is lean and adaptable to your specific requirements.

Plating & Metal Finish


  • Anodize 
  • Zinc
  • Electroless Nickel 
  • Alodine & more


  • Chemical Clean
  • Passivation

Additional Metal Treatments

  • Heat Treat
  • Lapping
  • Silkscreen
  • Powder Coating

NPI and R&D

Our efficiency and adaptability are the keys to successfully support your NPI and R&D projects.  We understand last-minute changes occur regularly; our team can quickly and efficiently adapt to any ECO (engineer change order).


Benen Manufacturing has the capability to support your production runs. Our team adheres to Lean Manufacturing Principles to ensuring quality, high-volume production of your parts.

Reverse Engineering & Design

Provide us with a sample, or have us start from scratch.  Our engineers can provide you with precise measurements utilizing our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine, +/- .0001 tolerance) and other advanced metrology tools. We then translate your parts' precise measurements to CAD software for reverse engineering and new product designs.