From onboarding through production, we rely on a process focused on delivering consistent quality to our clients.

  • Onboarding – learn our client’s process, specification and requirements, concerns, and expectations.
  • Planning – an account administrator will review the information you shared and evaluate an implementation that will be adopted as part of our process.
  • R&D/Rapid Prototyping – our experienced journeymen will fabricate the First Article. You will have an opportunity to review and validate.
  • NPI – an experienced manufacturing specialist will work with clients to maximize manufacturability and production.
  • PRODUCTION – Quality metric is established, process specific to your requirements are implemented, and production scaling is in progress.

What happens during the in-process fabrication?

Process Control

Team members are trained in process control with an emphasis on processes related to their individual duties.


Quality Control

First Article, work in progress, and final inspection samplings are quality assessments used to ensure quality is consistently achieved.



Continuous Improvement

This practice encourages all team member to actively use their knowledge to make improvements.